Welcome to Health Care Reforms

Thank you for visiting Health Care Reforms.  If you are one of the 25% of individuals without health insurance coverage, then you will find our website of interest.  If you are are one of the 75% that does have health insurance coverage, and your premiums are rising to compensate for the 25% that don’t, you will also find the health care reform topics we debate and discuss of interest.

While many argue that no free democracy can force its citizens to pay for health insurance, the Constitution of the United State of America does not require our tax dollars be sent abroad in the form of financial assistance to foreign businesses, individuals and other politically legitimate causes.  While in many cases we do “what is right” for others outside of the USA which are coping with natural disasters, we ignore the devastation of inadequate access to medical care at home.

On this website you will find that we debate current events which impact health care reform, including such topics as the economy, unemployment and health insurance.  With health care consuming nearly 16% of our national GDP, the costs associated with caring for those in the United States impacts everyone and will impact those that have yet to be born.

Our nation faces extremely difficult choices in how a limited amount of tax money is spent, just as we as people must balance our own budgets.  We are of the opinion that access to affordable medical care and insurance is not a “right” guaranteed in the Constitution, but is a “need” required by all.  For without a society in which health is a priority, our nation’s dominance in a global economy will quickly dwindle.

Because health care is needed by all, it should be a national priority for everyone in the United States.  As spending on health care related expenses continues to climb at rates which exceed two to three times that of inflation, families are losing their purchasing power for other items needed to care for their families including energy bills to heat their homes and the food which feeds their families.

We are of the opinion that it is time to reform the health care industry so that no individual is without affordable insurance coverage and so that those that presently do have medical insurance are not forced to pay for those without in the form of insurance premiums that exponentially rise year after year.