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A small but lucrative component to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is due to start in 2012. Known as a medical research fee, the Federal Government will begin charging individuals with health insurance this fee starting in 2012. Expect to see this add-on fee to appear on your health insurance premium bills very soon as health insurance companies are responsible for collecting these fees.

The purpose of the medical research fee is designed to provide funding for the collection of data in regards to the effectiveness of prescription drugs, diagnostic testing, medical treatments and procedures. This information will be collected by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, which is an independent organization with the stated purpose of helping people make informed decisions regarding their health. Improved health care delivery and effective treatment options are a component of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s overall mission. Read more…

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Facility Fees Not Covered by Health Insurance


Just about everyone that pays a utility bill understands how there are a variety of fees and taxes added onto the bill. The same applies to city taxes, which now generally try to pass tax levies for police, fire, street maintenance while charging a fee for picking up trash. Somewhere along the line paying one fee or tax was not enough money so agencies started tacking on to their base fees. Unfortunately, the same thing is happening in the health care industry as well.

A number of people are reporting that their medical providers are hitting them with “facility fees” that are not covered by health insurance policies. The facility fee bonanza has exploded in some regions of the country and is especially prevalent in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. A number of individuals in the Cleveland area have complained that these facility fees are costing patients $65 an office visit and even more. Read more…

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