PPACA Passes U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Review

Judge Gavel

In what many are describing as a stunning victory for President Obama, the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed judicial review by the United States Supreme Court on June 28, 2012. Already this Supreme Court ruling is creating havoc among Republicans. And with this victory in hand, Democrats are not being shy about their victory.

Regardless of the political posturing taking place at this moment, the real winners from this U.S. Supreme Court ruling are Americans. With nearly a quarter of the United States population being uninsured, the Supreme Court’s blessing of the PPACA gives them hope that their medical care needs will be met. The hope that these people have for their future is not to be diminished by any political party. For we all want to be healthy and have the ability to seek medical care if the need should arise.

Economists are already screaming how the PPACA is going to hurt the economy with new taxes. But with the United States being last to the table in terms of a true national health insurance policy, this gives Americans the opportunity to be healthy and productive in an increasingly competitive global economy. Treating ill citizens, which otherwise could not afford health insurance, has the capacity to help transform the United States into a competitive adversary in the global marketplace once again.

What the United States Supreme Court did today in their ruling is nothing less than historic. Their actions on this day clearly demonstrate that these Justices can differentiate politics from the law affirming the Federal Government’s role in national policies. The full publicly released statement of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act opinion may be read here.