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Biased Polling Slams Health Care Reform

Health Care - Are You Covered?

As with any politically charged issue, various sides are bound to take different positions.  As we all know, the same enthusiasm and special interest money is flowing into those groups which do and do not support health care reform.  Reaching into their propaganda tool chest, they frequently grab ahold of biased polling to release statistics which are designed to sway public opinion.  Recently, Fox News grabbed ahold of a poll conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which allegedly concluded that the overwhelming majority of businesses feel that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is hurting job creation.

First, it is important to note that polling often includes certain “qualifiers” which are used to determine an individual’s answer to a specific question before it is even asked.  Besides simply polling “friendly” groups of individuals, which are likely to respond according to ones pre-determined wishes, such qualifiers can easily be used to distort polls. Read more…

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Health Insurance Medical Research Fee

Prescribed Drugs

A small but lucrative component to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is due to start in 2012. Known as a medical research fee, the Federal Government will begin charging individuals with health insurance this fee starting in 2012. Expect to see this add-on fee to appear on your health insurance premium bills very soon as health insurance companies are responsible for collecting these fees.

The purpose of the medical research fee is designed to provide funding for the collection of data in regards to the effectiveness of prescription drugs, diagnostic testing, medical treatments and procedures. This information will be collected by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, which is an independent organization with the stated purpose of helping people make informed decisions regarding their health. Improved health care delivery and effective treatment options are a component of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s overall mission. Read more…

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Health Care Reform and Loaded Exchange Boards

Connecticut Statehouse

With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act being enacted, many states are finding the law to be quite confusing. Regulations have yet to be developed in some areas, while funding sources for others aspects of the law are still up in the air. For such a complex undertaking, there are going to burdens for states to overcome. But one financial burden that the states have already received funding for is also turning out to be a burden on its citizens.

The Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires that all states adopt and operate health insurance exchanges. These exchanges are intended to be utilized by individuals that are not able to obtain health insurance through their employer, Medicare and other sources. Small businesses are also eligible to participate in the exchange so that they too can obtain affordable medical coverage for their employees. Read more…

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