Biased Polling Slams Health Care Reform

Health Care - Are You Covered?

As with any politically charged issue, various sides are bound to take different positions.  As we all know, the same enthusiasm and special interest money is flowing into those groups which do and do not support health care reform.  Reaching into their propaganda tool chest, they frequently grab ahold of biased polling to release statistics which are designed to sway public opinion.  Recently, Fox News grabbed ahold of a poll conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which allegedly concluded that the overwhelming majority of businesses feel that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is hurting job creation.

First, it is important to note that polling often includes certain “qualifiers” which are used to determine an individual’s answer to a specific question before it is even asked.  Besides simply polling “friendly” groups of individuals, which are likely to respond according to ones pre-determined wishes, such qualifiers can easily be used to distort polls.  Unfortunately, biased polling happens all the time and can’t really be trusted.

According to Fox News, 74% of all polled businesses believe that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is preventing the creation of jobs.  While any new expense is likely to have some impact on job creation, a lack of consumers for the products and services these businesses offer is the primary reason why job creation has stalled.  With nearly 25% of the United States citizenry lacking health insurance, many households will unfortunately feel the financial impact of coping with paying full price for medical care services.  Need your tonsils removed and lack health insurance?  No problem, just place the $8,000.00 charge on your credit care and pay on it each month.

Considering that many of the uninsured also lack employment, an $8,000.00 tonsillectomy surgery would leave a person just $6,000.00 to live off of if they received the national weekly unemployment check average of $270.00 per week.  These are the financial realities that many families are coping with each and every day.

Instead of producing lopsided polls, Fox News and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce need to realize that the nation’s health must come before profits.  The health of the working class directly impacts productivity.  In addition to worker productivity, many individuals and families are paying for short term health insurance coverage which depletes their finances and their ability to spend on other consumables.

Although a small percentage of businesses will be required to pay more for not helping their employees maintain an acceptable level of health insurance coverage, the fact remains that 25% of the population lacks health insurance coverage.  Since 2001 there has been a steady decline in the number of insured people, and this is a real trend that should not be distorted by either politics or biased polling.  By continuing to ignore the citizenry’s access to even the most basic health care, we risk a rapid increase in the number of those which are disabled and permanently harmed from having no affordable access to medical treatment.


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