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Supreme Court to Hear Health Care Law Challenges

US Supreme Court

Those that oppose President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act law, will finally have their day in the United States Supreme Court in early 2012. While no specific date has been set, many believe that the Supreme Court will hear opening arguments sometime in March. Even though the opposition has been awaiting this announcement, those that support health care reform also are looking at this as an opportunity for vindication.

In total, twenty six states are challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and its provision that requires all Americans obtain health insurance. Their argument is that the government cannot force people to purchase any product or service. Regardless of the legality of that particular mandate, chances are the Affordable Care Act would still remain law even if the Supreme Court rules the government cannot force people to buy insurance. Read more…

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Fewer Employees Have Health Insurance

Stethoscope on Money

In 2008, Gallup and Healthways began tracking the number of employees which are covered under employer sponsored health insurance policies. Since these organizations started tracking this data, the trend that has formed paints an abysmal picture. At the present time, fewer than half of all employees are covered by an employer health insurance plan. Such trends also indicate that the employer based health insurance coverage model is facing significant headwinds and is in the beginning stages of extinction.

Currently, 44.5% of employees have the financial protection of an employer sponsored health insurance policy. Since 2008, the rate of coverage has dropped by 5.3%. As one would suspect, this rapid reduction in employer sponsored health insurance coverage has been attributed to the poor economy. Many employers have shifted large premium increases onto employees, reduced coverage options and have discontinued offering health insurance altogether. Read more…

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Ohio Voters Reject Health Care Reform

Ohio Welcome Sign

In what has been described as a stunning defeat to “Obamacare,” Ohio voters soundly rejected the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in passing State Issue 3. The margin of those against the Federal health care reform law was surprisingly large, with 66% of voters in favor of opting out of this law and just 34% supporting it. However, did voters really want to opt out of Federal health care reform or is there a larger message to be heard by voters in this November 8, 2011 election cycle?

Ohioans also passed Issue 2, which repealed the restrictive public employee union law championed by Governor Kasich. State Issue 1, which would have risen the age in which judges may serve, also fell to defeat with 62% of voters against raising the age limits. If you look at each statewide issue in this election, it would be simple to read the will of Ohio voters. Unlike other assessments, I think there is something else going on in Ohio and around the nation that most media commentators are overlooking. Read more…

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