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Facility Fees Not Covered by Health Insurance


Just about everyone that pays a utility bill understands how there are a variety of fees and taxes added onto the bill. The same applies to city taxes, which now generally try to pass tax levies for police, fire, street maintenance while charging a fee for picking up trash. Somewhere along the line paying one fee or tax was not enough money so agencies started tacking on to their base fees. Unfortunately, the same thing is happening in the health care industry as well.

A number of people are reporting that their medical providers are hitting them with “facility fees” that are not covered by health insurance policies. The facility fee bonanza has exploded in some regions of the country and is especially prevalent in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. A number of individuals in the Cleveland area have complained that these facility fees are costing patients $65 an office visit and even more. Read more…

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The Health Insurance Debate and Fox News


Anyone with even an ounce of common sense realizes that when more people become uninsured, a cascade of events begin to ripple through the entire health care industry. Generally speaking, doctors get paid less and must raise their prices to those that do pay. This results in higher health insurance premiums for all. Fox News, which is strongly opposed to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, shocked me today by actually publishing a syndicated story regarding how the uninsured are costing everyone a lot of money.

Fox Business, which still falls under the Fox News umbrella, noted that regions which have a higher percentage of uninsured residents typically have a harder time gaining access to care. Does Fox Business lack even the most basic fundamentals of operating in the black? If people can’t pay for their medical care in a community, how can any medical practice survive? It can’t. The basic principles of operating in profit still apply in the health care industry, even though Fox does not appear to quite understand that principal yet. Read more…

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National Security and Your Child’s Health

School Pizza

The government certainly has a role in the health of our nation’s youth, but there are times that they can simply go too far. As a perfect example of government overreach, many Democrats wanted to remove pizza and French fries from school cafeterias throughout the nation. Their intention was to address the childhood obesity problem through legislative action to restrict parental and local choices. Thankfully, Republicans came to the rescue and saved the day by slipping a provision into the recently passed spending bill that funds government through December 15, 2011.

While the problem of childhood obesity is clearly an important national health concern, just as it is for adults, I am personally against limiting the choices which are available to individuals. When it comes to our health care, government does have a significant role to play but that role should not extend into the micro-management of our daily lives. However, not everyone agrees with this opinion and has taken the issue of school cafeteria food options to an entirely new level. Now, according to some groups, what your child can eat at school is a matter of national security. Read more…

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